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These are sample projects in which the owner of FLRI has provided commodity procurement, logistical support, and consulting services.
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These are the various countries in which the owner of FLRI has provided project support including specialized procurement services, logistic support, and supply chain consultancy.
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Organizations, Companies and Government agencies that the owner of FLRI has the privilege to work with.
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Armenia Social Transition Project

The purpose of the social transition program is, in the short term, to meet the immediate social and health care needs of the most vulnerable, while establishing the basis in the longer term for sustainable and effective social insurance care systems. USAID has defined social insurance systems to include unemployment, disability, health and pension systems. The project shall focus on providing assistance designed to meet both these long term and short-term goals.


The increased use of Sustainable, Quality Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services and Healthy Practices Through Clinical and Non-Clinical Programs. The project is to provide a family planning and reproductive health services delivery program for Asia, the Near East, Europe and the Newly Independent States.

Central Asia Health Reform Project

This project is designed to provide technical assistance, training, equipment and commodity support to assist the Central Asian Republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan to increase population’s access to quality health care.

Colombia Administration of Justice Program

This program first focuses on the strengthening of the criminal justice system overall, including implementing a system of oral trials, strengthening public defense services, and facilitating inter-institutional coordination. Secondly, the project entails activities to improve access to justice and the promotion of alternative dispute mechanisms. The third component of this project will strive to support participatory democracy and improve justice sector leadership capacity through technical assistance aimed at strategic policy planning and support for NGOs and civil society.

OFDA Disaster Assistance

The objective of these activities are to provide immediate short-term disaster relief assistance in the form of supplying Water, Sanitation, Health, and Nutrition, in response to international emergency requirements identified by the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA). This office is responsible for providing assistance internationally for the relief of human suffering caused by natural and manmade disasters.

Economic Law and Improved Procurement Systems Project for Indonesia (ELIPS)

The goal is to increase employment and incomes by improving the environment for business growth, creating a more attractive climate for domestic and foreign investment, and increasing the efficiency of development expenditures. The purpose of the project is to improve the economic law and government procurement systems.

Egypt Assistance for Trade Reform Project (ATR)

The efforts under this contract is expected to improve the trade policy network and regulation climate in Egypt.

Egypt Management Development Initiative II Project (MDI/2)

The purpose of this project is to provide facilitation, custom training, and consulting services to strengthen the information technology (IT) industry in Egypt. MDI/2 is contributing to the institutional development of IT firms and business association through research, market analysis, training and national strategy development. This project also provides technical assistance to Egyptian management training institutions in the areas of curriculum and program development.

Enterprise Restructuring and Privatization Project for Central and Eastern Europe

A consortium led by Deloitte & Touche which provided technical assistance for privatization and restructuring. The objective was to help governments, business enterprises and other organizations restructure their operations in a time of economic change.

Family Planning Service Expansion & Technical Support (SEATS) & (SEATS II)

This project works to strengthen and expand the development of, access to, and use of family planning services and reproductive health services to provide family planning educational services and to initiate institutional development. The work under this project takes place in selected underdeveloped Anglophone and Francophone African, Asian and Near East countries. Efforts are to focus on countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Near East, and New Independent States.

Haiti Democracy Enhancement Project

The goal of the project is to support the Haitian people to build a participatory, accountable, responsive democracy and to establish the basis for long-term, equitable growth.

International Logistical Support Project

The U.S. Department of Treasury provides technical assistance (TA) to countries in Eastern Europe, the Former Soviet Union, and other “Project Countries.” TA is usually provided through short- and long-term advisors. These advisors provide advice and assistance to host governments and other institutions in order to help them implement developmental reform.

Jamaica North Coast Development Project

Louis Berger International, Inc., is the institutional prime contractor to USAID on this project. The purpose of the project is to upgrade infrastructure in Jamaica North Coast tourist areas.

Jordan Engineering IQC

The purpose of the project is to strengthen Ministry of Health capabilities in implementing latest technology to test and analyze environmental effects in Jordan.

Madagascar Population Support Project (APPROPOP)

This is an effort to expand the use of modern contraceptive methods and is aimed at reducing the fertility rate to a level consistent with Madagascar’s socioeconomic objectives and resources. The prime contractor, Management Sciences for Health (MSH), is providing technical assistance to expand quality, accessible family planning services.

Mali Strengthening Planning and Research on Commodities Project (SPARC)

The project is to strengthen the capacity of the national agricultural research system to develop and disseminate sustainable, productive and income-generating technologies for small farmer use. Support for commodity research and technical assistance in research and financial management will help develop the national capacity to develop and promote farmer-usable and sustainable technologies.

MCH/TASC Eritrea

Increased Use of Sustainable, Integrated Primary Health Care Project. The objective of the project is to provide technical assistance and material support to the Eritrea Ministry of Health. The goal is to increase the use of sustainable, integrated primary health care and improve the health of the Eritrean people.

Medical Equipment for Jordan

Project responsibilities were to purchase and deliver medical equipment for the Al-Basheer Hospital in Amman, Jordan.

Philippines Governance and Local Democracy Project (GOLD)

The objective of the project is to provide assistance to selected local governments and communities to achieve effective systems of local governance, attain self-reliance and be active partners of the national government in the pursuit of the country’s development agenda.

Population Council Worldwide Family Planning Services

Population Council provides worldwide programs to improve family planning in developing countries through research and technical assistance.

Prime II Project

Intrah, of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, is Prime II’s lead implementing organization. The Prime II Project is a cooperative agreement between the U.S. Agency for International Development, Intrah and its partners. Prime II improves the performance of primary health care providers in developing countries while strengthening the capacity of national training and education institutions. As a USAID Office of Population funded project, Prime II’s focus is family planning and reproductive health and contributes to the agency’s goal of stabilizing population growth and protecting human health.

Revitalization of Iraqi Schools and Education Project (RISE)

This contract serves to promote rapid school enrollment and sustained retention in the school system, thus contributing to democracy, equality, stability, economic growth, and improved well being of Iraqi families.

Romania Health Care Services

Providence Hospital has instituted a training and research program to reduce deaths from cardiovascular disease in Romania.

Transportation Management Services for the Countries of the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

The U.S. Department of the Treasury requires comprehensive transportation management services to permit the shipment of household goods, personal effects, privately owned vehicles, and general commodities, between the United States and the countries of the Former Soviet Union and countries in Eastern Europe.

Technical Assistance to Egypt in Population and Family Planning

The Pathfinder partnership provided technical assistance to the Government of Egypt to deepen the impact, quality, and sustainability of the Egyptian national family planning program.

U.S. Army Large Tug Rehabilitation and Crane Barge Prototype Kit Programs

The U.S. Army requires a support package for the 100 Foot Large Tug Rehabilitation and a prototype kit for the 100 Ton Crane Barge Program. The project was required to provide specified marine equipment ranging in size and complexity from 2400 horsepower diesel engines to small copper nickel fittings. There are approximately 1200 line items. This effort also included inventory control, inspection, packaging, crating and shipment to the United Kingdom.


Increased use of Sustainable Basic Health Services and Practices, Dominican Republic The purpose of the project is to develop and implement health sector reforms and basic health care activities. The project will also identify activities and develop the corresponding implementation approach to help GODR decentralized agencies in implementing effective HIV/AIDS prevention-care programs.

Yemen Options for Family Care Project

John Snow, Inc., is assisting the Government of Yemen in the development of an institutional structure to manage a national population program with the requirement to set up fifty reproductive health centers throughout the country.

Zambia Integrated Health Project

The contract will support the Office of Population, Health & Nutrition, USAID/Zambia. The primary objective was to increased use of integrated child reproductive health and HIV/AIDS interventions. The purpose of the contract is to provide technical assistance to improve policies, planning, coordination, and support system for the delivery of health interventions by Zambian institutions.


Fire Lake Resources, Inc. relocates headquarter offices to San Antonio TX.

FLRI provides support to US prime contractor in Iraq.
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FLRI will conduct specialized commodity procurement services for Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc. under the USAID, Bolivia Administration of Justice Program.
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