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FLRI has the experienced professionals to design, coordinate and implement our client’s projects. We are proud of the performance demonstrated by our senior consultants. FLRI believes that our clients appreciate the reliability and mature judgment of our staff, and are pleased with the superior professional services they have received. It is a prerequisite that FLRI staff must have demonstrated broad experience and mature judgment in complex project environments, before accepting an assignment or position with FLRI. We are committed to excellence in project design, implementation, and evaluation. We have consistently provided contracted services on or before schedule and within budget. We believe that our clients should always have immediate access to corporate decision makers who can make sound and quick decisions to allow for an immediate project response.


  • Project procurement specialists
  • MIS specialist
  • International trade specialists
  • Engineers
  • Logistics/warehousing specialists
  • Heavy Haul transport specialists
  • Supply chain specialists
  • Training specialists
  • Contracting and grant advisors

FLRI can field project design teams, perform project evaluations, conduct overseas seminars, organize procurement offices, establish and staff transit warehouses, draft procedures and assist in the implementation of a multitude of other private and public sector programs.

The FLRI home office in San Antonio, Texas is committed to thorough and timely backstopping of its field technical assistance personnel.


  • 541618 - Other Management Consulting Services.
  • 423840 - Industrial Supplies Merchant.
  • 488510 - Freight Transportation Arrangement.
  • 488991 - Packing and Crating.
  • 541519 - Other Computer Related Services.
  • 423430 - Computer and Computer Peripheral.
  • 423990 - Other Miscellaneous Durable Goods Merchant Wholesalers.
  • 493190 - Other Warehousing and Storage.
  • 517910 - Other Telecommunications.
  • 522293 - International Trade Financing.



An important requirement for effective competitive procurement is sufficiently detailed specifications. They must not be unduly restrictive, so that a reasonable number of suppliers may compete on a fair and equitable basis. FLRI fully understands the importance of ensuring that a proper description of the commodities or services is provided in terms which will eliminate items not furnishing the necessary utility, while at the same time, providing for maximum competition. FLRI has the technical expertise to develop the type of specifications required. In doing this, we are able to use the specialized knowledge and sources of information available to us.

In drafting specifications, FLRI technical staff will utilize their extensive years of experience and professional knowledge. In many instance, they pattern specifications after descriptions satisfactorily used previously for similar requirements. FLRI has an extensive specification library for a variety of previously conducted procurements that have been assembled over the years. The standards which are generally recognized in industrial practice or published in technical websites, professional journals, or commercial catalogues may be appropriate.


FLRI is able to assemble an Invitation for Bid (IFB) and RFQ’s that meet the special needs of the client, follow good commercial practice and will assure that all regulations and other requirements are met. We will assign a qualified professional to a project who has had extensive experience in working with cooperating countries in developing and refining terms and conditions which are designed to meet the special needs of the particular commodity procurement. Whenever possible, FLRI will utilize model IFB’s and RFQ’s as a guide, with modifications to meet the needs of the project and/or particular procurement.


All procurements must be conducted in accordance with applicable regulations. Public sector entities are normally required to use formal competitive bid procedures. It will be the responsibility of FLRI to:
  • Prepare the Invitation for Bid
  • Arrange public advertising of the IFB
  • Conduct public opening of sealed bids
  • Perform evaluation of bids
  • Prepare an abstract of bids
  • Make award to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder


FLRI is capable of early recognition of commodity procurement situations where competitive negotiated or informal procurement procedures may be appropriate and which is advantageous to the accomplishment of program objectives, or where formal competitive bidding is not practical. We are thoroughly familiar with the waiver requirements that are required for many negotiated informal procurements and can assist in preparing waiver requests for submission through the proper channels. FLRI understands that the authority to negotiate does not excuse compliance with the basic policy of obtaining maximum competition and the need on the part of FLRI to exert every reasonable effort to obtain the most favorable prices possible. We will conduct negotiations in a professional manner, free from sharp practices or other actions which may cause inequities for suppliers or criticism of the purchase policies and procedures.


One of the major objectives in the solicitation of bids is to extend the potential sources of supply. Every reasonable available means should be used to bring requirements to the attention of qualified and responsible bidders. FLRI will prepare clear announcements of upcoming procurement transactions in a timely fashion. These will be submitted for publicizing in the appropriate publications.


FLRI will arrange distribution of IFB’s and RFQ’s to suppliers. Solicitation documents can be made available both in the U.S. and in the host country. FLRI will assure that IFB’s and RFQ’s are printed in sufficient copies to meet the demand from potential suppliers. They may be distributed through the FLRI home office and in the client country as appropriate. Where documents are to be sent by mail, copy(s) will be posted within a few hours after receipt of the supplier’s request.
FLRI will record pertinent information regarding suppliers who request IFB’s and RFQ’s. Such information will include name of supplier, address, telephone, fax, date/time request received, date/time document mailed, etc. FLRI will keep a list of prospective bidders to whom direct mailings or electronic distributions were made. Such a listing may prove essential in answering questions on protests and in making amendments or cancellations prior to openings. Electronic and facsimile solicitation and/or receipt of bids and offers may be justified for certain procurements. Sufficient time will be provided to permit the supplier to prepare his bid and for the bid to reach the designated site by the date and hour scheduled for opening.


FLRI is prepared to conduct public bid openings in its offices in the U.S., or in the host country. Inquiries of a general nature dealing with procedural matters, specifications, and policies and regulations governing contract award and administrative matters will be answered fully and explicitly by FLRI; however, no information will be furnished to a bidder which is not readily available or known to any other bidder. The FLRI technical staff receiving requests for information will be alert to recognize indications of deficiencies in the IFB. Any such deficiencies will be immediately corrected by the issuance of an amendment. All bidders will be treated on an equal and equitable basis. Prior to the opening of bids, no information relating to bids received, such as the number of bids or the names of firms from which bids are received will be released. Prior to the time of opening, FLRI will assure that all bids are segregated by invitation number and stored in a secure place to prevent the possibility of loss or tampering.
At the time the bids are “publicly opened”, disclosure will be made of pertinent information contained in all bids received and a record of the opening made. The reading will usually be confined to a recital of such information as name of bidder, items and quantity offered, inclusion of bid bond and price. Pertinent data of the bid opening will be recorded and include, at a minimum, a listing of the names of all bidders, the invitation number, the date and time of opening, the number of invitations issued, and a summary tabulation of bids received. Late bids and bid modifications which are not received at or before the exact time specified in the IFB will not be considered unless the failure to receive the bid at the time and place specified is demonstrated to be the fault of FLRI.


After the opening, FLRI will individually evaluate the bids or offers for award purposes. The objective will be to select the bid or bids of responsible bidders which meet the specifications and are responsive to the terms and conditions of the IFB or RFQ, and are lowest in price. During the period of evaluation, FLRI may have occasion to confer or correspond with individual bidders in connection with the clarification of their bids. No discussion will be permitted relative to the merits of other bids under consideration. Premature disclosure of anticipated awards will be avoided. The FLRI technical staff will prepare an abstract of bids. During the process of abstracting, all matters affecting responsiveness to the specifications and questions affecting price must be fully considered and resolved in connection with all bids.


The successful bidder or offeror will receive notification of the award from FLRI within the time specified for acceptance. Every effort will be made to avoid evaluation delays. Notifications may be made electronically, but will be followed up with a formal notification in writing over the signature of the appropriate FLRI officer in the form of a purchase order.


FLRI recognizes the importance of prompt handling of protests. It is our experience that a substantial proportion of them are based on misunderstandings, lack of knowledge regarding procurement procedures, or incorrect interpretations. It is FLRI policy to take positive steps to avoid formal protest by arranging a conference with those who have indicated an intent to submit such protest. It is frequently possible to either prevent the filing of a protest, or secure the withdrawal of one already transmitted.
FLRI will consider all timely protests and respond with a written recommendation unless the protest is otherwise resolved. We will furnish our client with a notice of receipt of the protest, a copy of the protest, a copy of all supporting information, a statement fully responsive to the allegations setting forth findings, recommended actions, and any other information needed for determining the protest validity. We will make every effort to assist in resolving protests in a way that will avoid controversy, and in an objective, fair and prompt manner. In so doing, we will be guided by all applicable procedures, regulations, precedents, laws, and legal guidance.


FLRI will establish proper procedures to facilitate payment for commodities and commodity related services. The Letter of Commitment (L/Com) financing technique is fully understood by FLRI and our experience should help eliminate problems and minimize staff requirements. We will provide details such as: type of commodity being imported, Schedule “B” No., source, delivery period, destination, supplier payment documentation, responsibilities of banks, etc. Upon the authorization of our client, FLRI will establish Letters of Credit to provide payment to suppliers receiving awards for commodities and commodity related services.

Where there is no provision for a Bank L/Com, FLRI may be furnished a commodity advance to cover the cost of the commodities. Upon receipt of the advance payment, FLRI shall immediately proceed with making the award. FLRI will directly pay the supplier in accordance with the purchase order payment terms.


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